The Reality of Matchmaking

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Have you ever had questions about MATCHMAKERS and how they operate? Well read on and you'll find out!


The millionaire Socialites LLC "south florida Matchmakers"

Hello beautiful people!

When my fiancé and I introduce ourselves as professional matchmakers, we get that side eye look like “yeah ok.” From experience, most people tend to think of matchmaking as online computerized algorithmic profile matching. Which is far from the truth!

When working with REAL matchmakers, the key element is presenting PERSONAL SERVICES! The key to professional matchmaking is to provide "tailor made" services to your clients while getting to know them the best as you can in order to increase positive dating endeavors.

If you are seeking quality matchmaking services, you should understand that real time and effort should be entailed in the process and not just computerized profile matching, WHICH COMES AT A COST.

"You don't have to be a millionaire to be treated like one!"

Matchmaker = personalized

First and foremost, if a matchmaker doesn’t talk to YOU personally or even meet you face to face, how on earth can they understand what you are looking for?

Anyone or any computer can put profiles online together that have 1-2 things in common or just match a physical description of the unicorn you put together. Hence, when Facebook suggests friends to you, does this mean you’re a match or you want to be their new face book friend? UHH......... NO!

"""Don’t be fooled by the FAKE profiles and Automated profile BOT messages that miraculously appears in your dating inbox."""

No true matchmaking service can realistically just go POOF have a bunch of people that fit YOUR specifics qualifications (especially if you have not even told them about yourself or what you would like in a match).

"TRUST the Millionaire Socialites Matchmaking Professionals to Guide your Dating Endeavors."

Why is Matchmaking Costly?

It takes time and effort to find you a proper dating candidate. You are paying for YOUR FUTURE!

Matchmaking is a very time consuming and challenging profession. A true matchmaker utilizes several sources to find a potential match for you and supports you through your dating process from start to finish!

The Millionaire Socialites are here to guide you through the process!

Final Thought

Understand this.....when you are looking for someone to enjoy and/or spend your life with, it should not be a quick process! It will take time but that's why you hire a matchmaker.

YOU JUST DON'T have the TIME! Hey if it were easy finding a match you’d already have one. Let the professionals do it! CALL US NOW 561-779-0697

Peace and Love!

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