The unrealistic expectations of our partner(s) on Valentines Day, in the relation to the meaning of LOVE!

Hello beautiful people!

Every Year at the same time, Valentine's Day comes around! Some of us, no not all of us, just some (including myself) start to think about how we wish our partner or partners, yes some of you are plural in Nature! Hey no judgment here! OK I'm back. Some of us wish and wait for the most extravagant, most emotional, and most expensive gift that our partner(s) can shower us with. We get so overjoyed on this Day thinking “my partner will show me how much they Love me!”

If you can take a step back and really take time to look at this so called holiday, you’ll be able to recognize our irrational expectations of what our partner(s) should do for us. You will see that we are all caught up playing a very important role in destroying the core definition of true love! Go Ahead, Get upset that you didn't get your Caramel Color Convertible Rolls Royce with the Latest Louis Vuitton Leather Interior!! Hint Hint to my Husband (he reads my Blogs everyday), OK I'm back again. Where were we? Oh yea, so some of us get let down on Valentine's Day because of our personal expectations of wanting to get all of the gifts or surprises I expect to get!

In reality you are setting your partner(s) up for failure. This is because most of us do not express what we are expecting, you think, “I'm sure that this year, this year, my partner will be able to satisfy my expectations.” This is very wrong Ladies and Gents! You have to know who you are and know your partner. You can't expect things from your partner that you know darn well they can't or won’t provide!

This brings me to a crucial point in dating...Stop hoping, wishing, expecting things that you 1. That you have not expressed to your partner(s) and 2. May not a true representation of love! If you have expectations for your partner, expectations of how to be loved, then express yourself! Tell your partner(s) what you really want! Don't expect him/her to know how to love you or how to show it, TELL THEM.

Final Thought

Love is a Hands-on...Verbal...and Intellectual Communion of 2 minds melting and molding into One! Love is in the Air and it’s enough to go around. Let Us All Breath Together! With No expectations! Oh yea..Honey you don’t have to get the Convertible!

Peace and Love my Beauties!

Nicole Albanese LMFT, M.Ed

Millionaire Socialites LLC

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