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You Don't Have to be a Millionaire to be Treated Like One



Millionaire Socialites LLC operates with a holistic philosophy during their matchmaking process. They pride themselves on providing true PERSONALIZED SERVICES.

Relationship & Life Coaching
Concierge Service
Event planning

Millionaire Socialites LLC offers Relationship and Life coaching to all VIP Paid Members. Additional Counseling services can be obtained through their online counseling agency Advanced Client Care LLC

At Millionaire Socialites LLC, our professional Concierges will take charge of all your dating endeavors so you do not have to take time out of your daily schedule.

Millionaire Socialites LLC have set out to enhance their services by hosting Singles Events for their friends in South Florida. Click below to see our upcoming events.


about US.

Meet the power couple behind Millionaire Socialites LLC, Nicole Albanese (LMFT, M.Ed) and Cedric Bell (MHS). Millionaire Socialites  is very UNIQUE because its owners are Master Level RELATIONSHIP CLINICIANS who also own a mental health agency, Advanced Client Care LLC, where they counsel individuals and families on relationships, marriage, and life struggles. Their educational background has been geared towards gaining knowledge and understanding of the social and emotional differences that encompass multiple lifestyles and backgrounds.

Nicole and Cedric have been making LOVE MATCHES throughout the North Eastern Seaboard and Canada for over 3 years. After evaluating the Data of their Needs Assessment of South Florida, they decided to move to Florida and assist people in their search for True Love by furnishing a more tailor made touch to Matchmaking and Dating.


Nicole and Cedric have dedicated their lives to giving their clients what they need and deserve which is feeling Loved and Appreciated. While they are joining couples together, they offer all their client's continued relationship counseling, life counseling, and career counseling services through our sister company, Advanced Client Care LLC.


At Millionaire Socialites LLC, their goal is to spread love throughout the world through giving their clients a truly HOLISTIC (a consideration of the complete person, physically and psychologically) and COMPREHENSIVE approach to their dating or relationship needs.



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